Year 5

As well as our daily Maths, English and Reading sessions, we also learn through a theme-based curriculum using the ‘Cornerstone’ approach. This centres on the belief that children learn better when their interests and fascinations are allowed to flourish.

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What we’re learning

Autumn 1: Scream Machine

Hold on tight and get ready to ride! In the first half term of the academic year, we take a roller coaster journey in ?Scream Machine?, a topic with strong Science, Design and Technology links. No roller-coaster-themed learning would be complete without some hands-on experience, so we head to a theme park to learn what goes on behind the scenes. Then, throughout the half term, we learn more about the science of forces and mechanisms. We research theme parks, use computing to design our own theme park and then apply everything we?ve learned to build our very own thrill ride!

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Autumn 2: Pharaohs

In the second half of the Autumn term we travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of Ancient Egypt for our ?Pharaohs? topic. We uncover the mighty achievements of a civilization thriving at the time of the British Isles? middle Bronze Age. As geographers, we cruise the Nile, discovering the geography and culture of this fascinating land. As historians, we will be exploring the lives, deaths (and beyond?) of the famous Pharaohs and everyday Egyptians. Naturally, we?ll meet the gods themselves, and learn their amazing stories. We unravel the secrets of the ancient tombs, and will be creating, designing and building tomb artefacts fit for a mighty king!

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Spring 1: Off With Her Head!

What sort of man would order the beheading of his wife? What sort of man would marry someone based on a miniature painting, without ever meeting them? In the first topic of the Spring term: ?Off With Her Head?, Year 5 pupils discover exactly what kind of man King Henry VIII was and why the Tudor Dynasty has had such an effect on British culture and society. We step into the shoes of the king?s courtiers, and uncover the truths (and lies) of portrait painting. Then it is time to put history to the test: will we will recreate or re-write the past as we put Anne Boleyn back on trial ? was she innocent or truly guilty?

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Spring 2: Hola Mexico!

In the second half of the Spring term it?s time to say ?Hola Mexico!?. In this topic we explore this unique country: its landscape, music, food, history and culture. We?ll discover the mysterious myth-filled world of the ancient Maya civilization and encounter their Gods (who is the ?Stinking One??). There?s a chance to explore the art of the region and create some BIG art together. Tummy rumbling? We?ll create some delicious Mexican food and invite some diners to have a taste! And, of course, no Mexican celebration would be complete without the sounds of the carnival!

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Summer 1: Sow, Grow and Farm

In the Sow, Grow and Farm project, we will learn about allotments in the United Kingdom and how the government encouraged people to have them to support food rationing during the Second World War. We will learn about food webs and animal life cycles, including how living things are dependent on one another within a habitat. We will investigate the different ways that plants reproduce and will dissect flowering plants to identify the different structures. We will have the opportunity to learn about farming in the United Kingdom and the techniques used in modern farming, including the challenges that farmers face. We will learn about the benefits of eating seasonally and about the pros and cons of importing food. We will also learn about world farming and how the different climate zones affect where different foods can be grown.

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Summer 2: Time Traveller

Year 5 finishes with a journey through time. ?Time Traveller? is a topic all about growing up and moving forwards (and looking back) in our lives. The children find out what happens to our bodies and brains throughout our lives and the effect of time on communities and objects! There is a strong art focus in this topic so the children learn more about the lives and works of famous artists. They create their own art, thinking about their hopes, dreams and memories, through photography, paint and collage. Tick, tock, tick, tock ? the hands on the clock never stop!

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