We give rewards on a regular basis at TGPAHH in order to reinforce positive behaviour.

Praise and smilesRegular praise is used to set and reinforce school expectations for effort and behaviour. Praise is specific so that pupils know what they are being praised for. We know that smiles go a long way and are infectious so these are used readily and regularly around school.
HousepointsChildren (and staff) are put into one of four houses when they join us: Gowan, Deakin, Scott or Belton. Housepoints are given to pupils who display safe behaviours, are polite and well-mannered or who produce work with consideration and effort.
Celebration awardsOn Friday mornings, we have a whole school celebration assembly. Each class chooses 2 children who have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning, displayed a particular value or have gone above and beyond with a piece of work during the week.  
Principal awardsChildren who produce exemplary work are awarded a Principal’s Gold Sticker.
Home awardsWe love to celebrate any achievements that children complete outside of school. We do this on a Friday in our celebration assembly. Please feel free to send these in and pupils can share these with the rest of the school.
Principal’s postcardsTwo Principal’s postcards are posted each week to any pupils who display ‘above and beyond’ attitudes or who just stand out and shine.  
End of year awardsAt the end of the year, we hold a special celebration assembly with certificates awarded to pupils for outstanding achievement over the year, exemplary demonstration of school values and excellent attitude to learning.