Leadership Team: Miss L Porter (Principal), Mrs M Bradshaw (Vice Principal and SENDCo)  

Administration Team: Mrs S Stevens (Office Manager), Mrs N Phipps (Administration Assistant – Temporary) 

Nursery teacher: Mrs S Thomas (Early Years Lead) 

Nursery teaching assistant: Mrs H Rose 

Reception Teacher: Mrs S Collett  

Reception Teaching Assistant: Millie Jauncey 

Student teacher: Miss O Hearn

Year 1 teacher: Miss J Watkins  

Year 1 teaching assistant: Mrs M Dyer  

Year 2 teacher: Miss A Idris  

Year 2 teaching assistant: Mrs M Conway  

Year 3 teachers: Miss Z Williams (Mon – Wed) and Mrs D King (Wed – Fri) 

Year 3 teaching assistant and Thrive support: Mrs R Perrin 

Year 4 teacher: Mrs K Lawrence  

Year 4 teaching assistant: Mrs L Clark 

Year 5 teacher: Miss A Cook 

Year 5 teaching assistant: Mrs G Duckham 

Year 6 teachers: Mrs C Bywater (Mon – Wed) and Miss A Stevens (Wed – Fri) 

Year 6 teaching assistant: Mrs G Duckham 

Lunchtime Supervisors: Miss Groves and Mrs Feenan-Willmott 

HH (Before and After School Club): Mrs G Lines, Mrs J Kesterton, Mrs M Conway, Mrs N Phipps and Miss O Hearn