Year 1

As well as our daily maths, English and Reading sessions, we also learn through a theme-based curriculum using the ‘Cornerstone’ approach. This centres on the belief that children learn better when their interests and fascinations are allowed to flourish.

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We are learning about

Autumn 1

During the first half term of the academic year, we will be motivating our children through the topic ‘Enchanted Woodland’. An engaging and interactive woodland walk aims to open children’s eyes to nature and their surroundings. It is also a chance to explore the outdoors and collect pieces of nature for our display. They will go on to learn about different types of plants and trees and start thinking about seasons in Science. As well as this children will create interesting art and DT work inspired by nature. Please click on the links to view our Homework and Autumn Newsletter.

Autumn 2

In the second half term of the academic year, we will be exciting our children through the topic ‘Dinosaur Planet’. During this topic we have a chance to explore the deadly creatures from the past. We discover many interesting facts about the different types and Mary Anning’s work. We will focus on historical skills and create of own Sockosaurus puppet. We will also link this with our Science topic ‘materials’. Please click the link to find this half term’s Homework.

Spring 1

During the third half term of the academic year, we will become historians and travel back in time through the topic ‘School Days’. This topic is a chance to look back at the history of our school and also what it was like in school during the Victorian Era. There are also opportunities for creative art work and with the accompanying art topic Street View, where we will create a piece of art work based on our local area.

Spring 2

In the fourth half term of the academic year, we will be stimulating our children through the topic ‘Splendid Skies’. An opportunity to become a season detective kick starts this topic. We go out into the surrounding nature areas and following on from our Enchanted Woodland topic search for clues of the new season. There are chances for children to explore the changing weather over the topic and this is linked with art work to allow children to express their ideas in a creative way. Please click the following link to find the homework.

Summer 1

In the fifth half term of the academic year, we will be interesting our children through the topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’. What do you know about England’s capital city? Well during this topic we will explore the amazing and famous sights of our wonderful capital. We learn about their history and discover an important historical event that created a very important job that helps saves lives to this day. There are also several opportunities to get creative through Art and D&T, allowing children to use new techniques to create models and prints. Please click on the link to access our homework.

Summer 2

During the final half term of the academic year, we will be thrilling our children through the topic ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’. What’s your favourite animal? Perhaps taking a trip to the zoo will help to make up your mind. The trip kick starts our exciting animal based topic, allowing us to explore the natural animal world and all it has to offer from what animals eat to how they survive. It is closely linked with Science and develops the children’s understanding of themselves as animals as well. Please click the link to find our homework.