School Code

Care – to look after each other in all that we do

Ambition – to aim high

Purpose – to know what we are working towards


  • To create a culture where everyone is seen as a learner ​
  • To instil in all a sense of purpose (something to work for)​
  • To provide a safe space built on trust, independence and choice that enables pupils to thrive and be ambitious ​
  • To help learners take control over their behaviour and be responsible for the consequences of it​

Through our school values, we contribute to children leading open and fulfilling lives. Our values are lived through daily school life and in how we treat each other.

TOLERANCE:​ tolerating the thoughts of others; being kind, patient and thoughtful. ​
UNITY:​ working together as a member of the academy community to make it great; being hungry for knowledge, wearing our uniform with pride; being considerate and courteous ​
DEMOCRACY: ​​ treat people like we would want to be treated; listen and be optimistic; respect teachers right to teach and pupils right to learn. ​
OPPORTUNITY: ​​ being creative and determined; challenging yourself to try new things and broaden your horizons. ​
RESPECT: ​​ being well mannered, self-controlled and disciplined, listening and responding to staff and pupils positively ​