At Tudor Grange Primary Academy Hockley Heath, our aim is to provide pupils with a deep, long term and secure understanding of the subjects that they are learning about.

Our curriculum is designed to provide pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to give them the best chances in life and to be considerate citizens for engaging with the world around them.

Through our curriculum design, we intend to enable all pupils to flourish and have access to a curriculum that is: broad (core subjects are complimented by foundation subjects), ambitious (every child accesses a curriculum that provides them with cultural capital and essential knowledge to be educated citizens) and equitable (every child regardless of background or experience will access the curriculum).

Through teaching the National curriculum, we ensure that children develop a range of skills and acquire the knowledge required within each subject area. Our curriculum promotes links between learning and provide pupils with reading rich opportunities within and around subjects. It is also designed to have exciting and engaging first hand experiences.

Metacognition and self-regulation matters and pupils focus daily on learning attitudes so that they have an awareness of: their strengths and weaknesses as a learner, the strategies that enhance learning and how pupils can develop self-motivation to learn.

Our core curriculum (English and maths) is centred around mastery and the drive for all children to develop the skills to be fluent readers, accurate writers and competent mathematicians with a grounding in number fluency and the ability to reason and problem solve. Reading and writing skills are enhanced by text-based learning and an understanding of sentence types to aid construction and the composition of a range of genres.

The overall curriculum is accessible for all pupils and aims to support them to care about and be ready to face the world and people around them, to think critically and to be able to articulate their ideas. Our curriculum extends beyond the National Curriculum and includes a wide range of enriching experiences and opportunities both within and beyond the school day.

Personal development of our pupils is a key aspect of the work of our school and supports our pupils in developing their understanding of fundamental British values embedded in our school code: Care, Ambition and Purpose and Be Ready, Respectful and Responsible.

The school takes pride in providing a highly inclusive environment, where all pupils enjoy their education and make good progress across the curriculum.

Local context and community is taken into consideration as well as pupil enjoyment and engagement; we consider what our curriculum looks like through the eyes of the children. That is what matters to us the most. As one pupil here said, ‘Every single lesson they [teachers] have something in it that makes it worthwhile and exciting.’