Attention everyone – we need your help! A crime has been committed in the Reception classroom.  While the children were in the library enjoying a new story, someone came and stole our hot cross buns! Several people came into the classroom while the children were out, so we now have 4 suspects to consider. The children were excellent detectives at searching for clues and discovered 5 pieces of evidence. Thankfully the Police were visiting today so we were able to learn all about what it is like to be a Police Officer in our local community and how they help us to stay safe. The children asked some great questions and listened carefully to PSCO Acton and PC Barnes. The children loved trying on the different Police hats and exploring the Police Van – especially sitting in the back pretending to be locked up! A big thank you to PSCO Acton and PC from our local neighbourhood police for coming out today to talk to the children. They loved it!